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Upcoming events
Micro Finance to Small Business & Women's Entrepreneurship: The Mann Deshi Experience
The complexity of a problem called Corruption
From Spain to Saudi Arabia, from South Africa to Malaysia, Brazil to Pakistan, some countries more than others, but corruption is a problem that affects the whole world. What are the costs and how can we think of a strategy to help prevent it? Dr Paul Flather, from Mansfield College of Oxford University, came to PHBS UK Campus, on the 5th September, to share his views with China Construction Bank executives on one of th
The new adventure is about to begin
The academic year is about to start at PHBS UK Campus! Students from all over the world are arriving to the UK, some for the first time, for their cross-border programs of Management and Finance. For this welcoming week we have been preparing a whole package of events, so the students can feel comfortable, can feel at home, as they arrive. Over the next few days, besides some practical information like how to travel around the
The Guardians of Oxford
On the 4th of September, the Director of the “Oxford Preservation Trust (OPT)”, Debbie Dance, came to PHBS UK Campus to give a presentation on how OPT has been engaged with local people and communities for protection of green environment in Oxfordshire. China Construction Bank (CCB) executives participated in the presentation and raised many questions related to the history of OPT, its main goals and plans. From castles to cot
China-US trade: Opportunities and Challenges in the Post-Industrial Age—An Industrial Revolution from a Physicist’s View
To encourage the interdisciplinary communication between finance and advanced manufacturing professionals, on Saturday morning 20th July, Professor Zhaoyuan Ma, the Chief Researcher of Future Lab and Director of Digitalisation of Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre from Tsinghua University, was invited by PHBS UK to give a seminar on
Visit to the Houses of Parliament
On Monday, 22 July 2019, the China Construction Bank (CCB) executives had an exciting opportunity to go on a guided tour of the Houses of Parliament. On that visit the executives were given a history of The Palace of Westminster. On the first part of the tour, the executives visited the House of Commons and learned about what is the difference between The Government and Parliament. The UK Government consists of the Prime M
Can Accounting Firms help Banks to Grow? - Visit Deloitte
On 26th July, China Construction Bank (CCB) executives visited one of the Big Four Accountancy firms—Deloitte UK in London. In the visit, a senior consultant James Lawley and senior manager Freddie as company representatives welcomed China Construction Bank students to visit Deloitte. James and Freddie gave a presentation about latest development of Deloitte, in particular, its business related to
Legal Practices – Case Studies and Discussion
The Away Day for China Construction Bank (CCB) executives on Saturday, 10 August 2019, was organized by PHBS UK in collaboration with a leading UK law firm Gunnercooke to provide a day of study and discussion on the legal practices in the UK. This seminar is held in Hilton Paddington in London chaired by Dr Michelle Chen. Dr Chen as alumina of Peking University is a dual China and UK qualified corporate lawyer wi
How 5G Networks will Release the Power of the Internet of Things (IoT)
On Tuesday, 23 July 2019, China Construction Bank executives had the pleasure of having Dr Des McLernon, Reader in Signal Processing from the School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering from the University of Leeds, give them a talk entitled ‘How 5G Networks will Release the Power of the Internet of Things (IoT)’ where he aimed to introduce to the executives on how 5G will e
Fintech Revolution and Open Banking – Perspective from a challenger bank
As part of the ongoing seminar series at PHBS-UK, the China Construction Bank (CCB) executives had the pleasure of having Mr Henry Yuhang Qi, angel investor and Chief Product Officer at Sync.Money to speak to them about the Fintech Revolution and Open Banking. As an angel investor, Mr Qi has portfolios in multiple UK based fintech companies. He has gained intensive insights and knowledg

Peking University HSBC Business School is one of the most dynamic, innovative and internationalized business schools in the world. 

It has been accredited by AACSB as one of the top 5% of over 16,000 business schools in the world for its international excellence in academics, including both teaching and research.

In May 2019 PHBS has been awarded the accreditation by AMBA and is among only 2% of business schols from over 70 countries to hold AMBA accreditation.


Why choose PHBS UK?

We are the first Chinese campus in the developed world, located in the stunning Oxfordshire countryside

We have world-leading professors with an in-depth knowledge of global business, with specialties within the Asian markets and business culture

We offer a unique insight into the Chinese market, and the opportunity to study and create real business network links in China. 

We are united to achieve and committed to international collaboration in all areas of business and academics. 

Cultivating leaders with Vision, Wisdom, and Responsibility for China and the world.


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