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PHBS UK Campus hosts the OXCSSA Freshers’ Ball
Freshers from Oxford, Cambridge and Oxford Brooks University attended the Oxford Chinese Students & Scholars Association Ball (OXCSSA), an event that was co-organized by PHBS UK Campus. An airstream table football, a laser tag, video games, a Royal Casino , Karaoke, a Popcorn and Candy floss machine, black suits, ball gowns with the right touch of glitter and music echoed on the walls of PHBS UK Campus on th
PHBS UK Campus celebrates National Day of the People's Republic of China
Festivals, concerts and a series of upcoming ceremonial events are happening throughout China on this 70th anniversary of the founding of the Peoples’ Republic of China, and the overseas Chinese community of the UK Campus of Peking University Business School were no exception in wanting to celebrate this prestigious date in the Chinese calendar. Beijing has been covered with red flags
Being energized by Bloomberg
On the 25th September, the Finance and Management Master Students from PHBS UK Campus went to London to visit one of the most dynamic financial companies in the world. Bloomberg is a global provider of financial news and information, including real-time data. The light and warmth provided by the wood and the immense glass windows never cease to surprise the visitor all the way through the different layers of the Bloomberg building, tha
A cultural welcoming week for our new Master Students
Challenge and be challenged! If you can engage with this message, you will feel at home at The Oxford Union, a place where you can breathe the thrilling atmosphere in the air. Many British politicians like the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, learned here how to negotiate in the political scenario. From the German physicist Albert Einstein to the American actor and film director Morgan Freeman, many celebrities,
The UK Campus celebrates the Mid-Autumn Festival for the first time
It is the second biggest festival in China after the Chinese New Year! According to the Chinese lunar calendar, the Mid-Autumn Festival, or Moon Harvest Festival, happens on the 15th day of the 8th month. It is always celebrated in the middle of the autumn season, so this is where the name comes from. Also, at that time of the year, the moon looks very round and bright. For this reason, it is a
Micro Finance to Small Business & Women’s Entrepreneurship: The Mann Deshi Experience
On Friday, 13 September 2019, the UK Campus of Peking University HSBC Business School organized a public lecture on Micro Finance to Small Business in India, attended by PKU visiting students and China Construction Bank (CCB) executives. The lecture was given by the CAO and Head of Women’s Empowerment, Mann Deshi Foundation, Ms Vaninta Shinde, as well as the Chief Finance
Upcoming events
Micro Finance to Small Business & Women's Entrepreneurship: The Mann Deshi Experience
The complexity of a problem called Corruption
From Spain to Saudi Arabia, from South Africa to Malaysia, Brazil to Pakistan, some countries more than others, but corruption is a problem that affects the whole world. What are the costs and how can we think of a strategy to help prevent it? Dr Paul Flather, from Mansfield College of Oxford University, came to PHBS UK Campus, on the 5th September, to share his views with China Construction Bank executives on one of th
The new adventure is about to begin
The academic year is about to start at PHBS UK Campus! Students from all over the world are arriving to the UK, some for the first time, for their cross-border programs of Management and Finance. For this welcoming week we have been preparing a whole package of events, so the students can feel comfortable, can feel at home, as they arrive. Over the next few days, besides some practical information like how to travel around the
The Guardians of Oxford
On the 4th of September, the Director of the “Oxford Preservation Trust (OPT)”, Debbie Dance, came to PHBS UK Campus to give a presentation on how OPT has been engaged with local people and communities for protection of green environment in Oxfordshire. China Construction Bank (CCB) executives participated in the presentation and raised many questions related to the history of OPT, its main goals and plans. From castles to cot

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